Written Word

Tonality Systems Press are publishing a range of eBooks and printed media over the coming year including poetry and essays.

thecoverWords for Music, by Margaret Morgan and Nigel Morgan

Words for Music collects together poetry and prose work used as settings, libretti and inspiration in the music of Nigel Morgan. The products of a forty-year partnership in words and music between Nigel and Margaret are presented here, alongside illustrations commissioned for the musical works by Dette Allmark and Phil Legard.

Words for Music is as an Amazon Kindle eBook, and in other formats via Smashwords

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Within Sight of the Sea, by Alice Fox and Nigel Morgansightsm

We go to the sea to be ourselves. Not often in the sea, too cold, but beside it. Once there we like to keep in sight of it. We dream of living there, but would that lessen the impact it has when we occasionally visit? Probably. For now we come, and go home when our land-locked lives call us back.

These images and words blend together as evidence of such visits in each other’s company, and occasionally alone. Some of what you see or read has come into being in  situ, others as dream memories. Together they form a record of time spent unconfined, in the opened air and the pressing wind, sighting distance, or observing the close confusion of what lies at the feet, or near at hand.

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