Work by Alexis Kirke

Chromium 2
solo guitar
6 min [Full score PDF] [Info & download]

Works by Nigel Morgan

Dreaming Aloud
solo guitar
commissioned for Alan Thomas
12 min [Full score PDF] [Info & download]

System Studies
solo guitar
commissioned for Julio D’Escrivan
10 min [Full score PDF] [Info & download]

Sense of Place
four seasons for solo guitar
commissioned with funds from Arts Council England
35 min [Spring PDF] [Summer PDF] [Autumn PDF] [Winter PDF] [Info & download]

Four Preludes
for electric guitar and computer-driven synthesisers
commissioned for Electric Spring @ Huddersfield University
10 min [Symbolic Composer score PDF] [Info & download]

Continuum with Blues
electric guitar and Active Notation System
commissioned for Alan Thomas
10 min [Full score PDF] [Info & download]

Improving Silence
three Quaker texts for soprano voice and guitar
10 min [Full score PDF] [Vocal score PDF[Info & download]

The Conscience Pure
three Quaker texts for midwinter, soprano voice and guitar
10 min [Full score PDF] [Performance score PDF] [Info & download]

flute and guitar
15 min [Full score PDF] [Info & download]

Beowulf Music
guitar and percussion
commissioned by the National Theatre
20 min [Full score PDF] [Info & download]